Welcome to The Good Birth Company.


I am so happy you’re here.

Whether you are a first time parent or a seasoned one who wants a better birth experience than their last you’re in the right space. You see, I help grown ass humans have good births.

The Good Birth Co. exists for the dreamers and the doers; the feelers and the thinkers; the most vulnerable of victims and the fiercest of warriors. 

I exist for you – yes you – the one who needs to be met in the messy middle between the natural birth movement and the medical reproductive health care system. 

It’s an overwhelming place to be in – the middle of those two extreme ends of an incredibly complex spectrum.

I see you and I can help.

Kind words ...

Emily’s approach is so refreshing.She shares evidence-based information in a non-judgmental tone – really pushing the message that a person should birth the way they feel compelled to birth; making their own informed choices.

– Ileana, Birth Professional

The Good Birth Co. gave me the confidence and self-assurance I needed to have the birth I wanted. Very empowering and educational, I highly recommend to any expectant mama!

– Karley, expectant parent

The Good Birth Co. takes an evidence-based approach to providing birthing women with the knowledge needed to make informed choices about their impending deliveries. There is no emphasis on making the “right” choices, just making the right choices for you based on the professional, medical evidence provided.

– Whitney, expectant parent