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Welcome to the revolt against the healthcare status quo


Deep down you know your birth story could be triumphant. Let me help you create the birth experience you want and build confidence in your advocacy skills so you can make it happen too. 


Becoming unpregnant is a big deal. I am here to help you figure out how to process the experience, no matter how tough it might be. I offer space to process abortion experiences, miscarriages and stillbirth in the same capacity you would process any other birth story. Birth trauma and cesarean birth disappointment are areas I specialize in. All experiences are valid.


If you are ready to challenge the way patient-centred care is delivered in the reproductive space, I’m here for you. As a birth professional or registered staff working in the reproductive healthcare space you are the frontline changemaker when it comes to having the voices of birthing people heard. Learn how to take action and start making small changes in your own practice to drive this revolution. Email me to learn more.

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Professional Care Planning and Support


Abortion Services Access

Abortion Support

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

Planned Repeat Cesarean

Twin Pregnancy + Birth

Support for All Birth Locations

Perinatal Mood Disorders

Complex Family Dynamics

High Risk Pregnancy Advocacy

Birth Trauma Survivor Support

Chronic Illness and Pain in Pregnancy

Virtual Doula Packages

Care Consultation


1.5 hr Strategy Session

Priority Discovery

Care Planning

Advocacy Support

Strategy Roadmap

Experience Summary

*All follow-up sessions are $75

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Birth Redefined


Initial Assessment + Strategy Consult

Bi-weekly 1:1 sessions

Priority Discovery

Complex Care Planning

Advocacy Coaching + Support

Strategy Roadmap

Final Debrief

Experience Summary Plus VIP Contact Hours through text, WhatsApp, or Voxer for all of your big questions

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Curated Discovery


Childbirth education

Birth processing

Prenatal community building

Healthcare navigation support

Self-paced courses

Live virtual group programs

Robust referral network of brilliant practitioners + experts

Professional development for birth workers, nurses, and other radical healthcare professionals

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The Pregnancy Atlas
Is pregnancy feeling like one massive journey without any direction? I’m here to hold your hand.

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Get on the waitlist to join the next free intimate, interactive birth experience workshop.

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Birth Experience Inventory Tool
Let’s get started discovering the power of your birth story so you can get back to becoming the parent you want to be.

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Let’s Get Started

Are you nodding along and finally feeling like somebody gets it? Book a free 1:1 call to figure out exactly how working together can shift everything about your birth experience. Book a Connection Consult Here.

we can plan it or process it

Your birth story will be triumphant

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