Unbury Your Birth

Did your homebirth turn into a c-section?

Did your epidural not work and your pain was unbearable?

Do you just not feel OK with how your birth went down?


Let me help you unbury your birth.

A traumatic birth is more common than you’d think. You don’t need to suffer in silence.

And that trauma doesn’t mean you can’t have a good birth in the future.

I know it’s possible because I’ve done it.

The first step to a good second (or third or fourth or …) birth after a difficult one is to understand what went wrong the first time.

How can you do that?

  • Debrief with your care provider
  • Request your birth records
  • Talk with people who were there


But debriefing with your care provider and talking with people who were there leaves room for personal bias to influence their memory of your birth. You might not get the full story because they think they are sparing your feelings. And have you ever looked at a medical chart? Medical jargon and short forms are pretty much a foreign language.

Unbury Your Birth 

– a comprehensive review of your birth records – 

I have combined my expertise reviewing patient charts as a Registered Nurse with my knowledge of the birth process and medical jargon to provide a service tailored to people looking for honest answers about what happened during their birth and how to move forward.

Schedule an Unbury Your Birth Session to:

  • Understand what actually happened during your labour and birth
  • Find peace with your past birth(s)
  • Have a plan for moving forward

Ready to Unbury Your Birth?

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