As the founder of The Good Birth Company, I help grown ass humans have better births. I have a Bachelors of Science Honours in Nursing and have worked in the health care industry for the last 6 years.

I’m ready to follow my heart and passion into birth advocacy, education, and consulting. I’m ready to forge my own path + create change from the outside in.

My professional background in care planning, policy development and review, as well as hands-on experience in Tanzania catching babies in a busy L+D ward places me in an incredibly unique position among others in the birth education space. I create curated learning experiences for people who want to understand their choices, harness their power, and ease their worry with evidence-informed materials delivered with honesty and humour. My goal is to empower people to ask for what they need to make their birth a satisfying experience.

I choose to be transparent when it comes to my position on hot topics like fat bodies and infant feeding and even abortion. I don’t mind stirring the pot a bit in hopes of starting discussion. My philosophy and belief in body autonomy in birth is a bit rebellious in the current reproductive choice climate. I work hard to embody the belief that your body is your business (and no one else’s).

My am passionate about sharing my birth shine because I know I can help at least one other person have a better birth experience. My own story sees me going from an extreme natural birth movement follower to birthing by emergency c-section to beautiful hospital VBACs and a twin loss thrown in there. I get it. And I happen to be medically literate, so that’s pretty cool too.

And since my role is so damn unique – I doesn’t have a fancy title. I call myself the founder and educator at The Good Birth Company.


Any suggestions for something more business maven-esque are appreciated.

I love New York rappers [I’m married to one] and can school you in hip-hop conspiracy theories. I’m a dog sport nut and own a performance-bred sport mix named Rebel. My crazy dream is to represent Canada on the National agility team. All that, plus I’m a mom to three magical Black boys.

Overwhelmed at the thought of birth?