The Good Birth Company has the birth services you’ve been looking for.

Worried about birth? I can help.

Online-based programs, courses, toolkits, and mini courses cover late pregnancy to post-partum and are offered in a self-paced format. Birth Magic will launch quarterly and include access to small group coaching in the form of The Good Birth Space Inner Circle exclusive to program and private clients.

I offer two coaching options which will be launched officially in 2020. I will be looking for some special first clients soon to work through my approach.

The Care Planning Consult is a personalized, one-to-one service that is devoted to creating a care plan to reduce the risk of a c-section, increase the chance to birth in whatever position a client wants to, and experience less pain. Basically, it’s a private space to figure out how to have the birth YOU want and how to make it happen.

A care plan is a comprehensive document collaboratively created by a health care professional and a client. I have combined my expertise in writing care plans as a health care professional with my knowledge of patient autonomy and professional practice standards to provide an exclusive service to people looking for a way to protect their birth experience.

Unbury Your Birth is a comprehensive review of your birth records and medical chart. Like with Care Planning Consults I have combined my professional expertise as working in health care coordination and case management roles with my knowledge of the birth process and medical jargon to provide a service tailored to people looking for honest answers about what happened during their previous birth and how to move forward.

It is one thing to educate consumers (aka expectant parents) but creating long and lasting change starts with engaging front-line care providers in the conversation of patient autonomy within the context of reproductive health care. The Good Birth Co. intends to connect with Canadian nursing programs to offer The Good Birth Course in a health care student model. In addition to the education program, I plan to connect with programs directly to speak on the topic of patient autonomy, advocacy, and entrepreneurship. 

Join me for a Connection Consult to see how working together can help you have the birth you want or help heal the one that you didn’t.

Overwhelmed by the thought of birth?