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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I even start??
You start by downloading The Pregnancy Atlas if you’re planning to get pregnant or are currently pregnant. It’s

Have you recently given birth? You’re going to want to start with the Birth Story Inventory tool to start processing your birth experience. Whether it was exactly what you dreamed of or it left you feeling like a failure this simple tool can illuminate how to start healing.

Are you feeling like you need a hand-holding start to whatever journey you’re on? Book a call to discuss how I can help you from wherever you are starting.

I’m a first time parent, do I need something this in depth?
In short, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Research shows that you are more likely to have a satisfying birth experience if you plan for it. The problem is most prenatal childbirth education class options leave out a big piece of the puzzle – how to put that plan into action and have it respected, regardless of the birth setting. That’s what I can do for you. I can take away a bunch of the unknown and endless Google searches and direct you towards that solid information you need to know to be able to make the most impactful choices in your pregnancy and birth.
My birth was a total shit show. Can you help me?
That’s why I’m here. There are many gaps in our healthcare system, and adequate birth processing and birth trauma healing support is one I’m working hard to close.

While awareness around perinatal mood disorders is growing and access to good care is expanding, many new parents still fall through the cracks. When we don’t have the ability to describe why we are feeling so angry, sad, or disappointed it is very hard to make any progress forward. I help to give you the language and vocabulary to understand what happened to you during your birth and where some of those emotions may be coming from.

I have the skillset to deconstruct your birth experience from a medical documentation perspective to give you insight into the chronological timeline of your birth and how it was captured by your care team versus your lived experience. What feels like complete chaos can be gently dissected to find your triumph within it.

Are your services covered by insurance?
Sadly, it’s very tough to get Registered Nurse hours covered by most private health care benefits. I am happy to provide you with a detailed overview of the services planned, pricing etc. for your insurance provider if you’d like to look into your individual situation.

However, if financial reasons of any kind are limiting your ability to work with me please let me know. I am happy to work with you to find a good solution.


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