Hi, I’m Emily.


I know how the healthcare system works. And I’m happy to help you navigate it all.

I’m a Registered Nurse with a background in care planning, advocacy, education, and leadership specifically around complex ethical challenges involving capacity and consent. I bring this unique lens into my virtual doula work which includes: birth planning, healthcare navigation support, and birth processing support.

I didn’t start out as a supportive full spectrum doula. I came with strong beliefs about the importance of natural birth. I was heavily influenced by extreme views in the natural birth movement. It really set me up for failure.

It took me a really tough birth experience of my own to discover the power in knowing all of the options. I went on to have 2 really incredible hospital VBACs where I really felt like I had the experience I wanted and was treated the way I deserved. I believe in genuine informed choice where you are given all of the information you need to make your own decision. Not explanations necessary.

I am a fierce advocate for choice. Abortion access is an issue near and dear to my heart. I offer an alternative to the public sexual health clinic or a anti-choice pregnancy centre if you have questions about all of your options when it comes to not being pregnant anymore. Abortion support is always free of charge.

I help you plan the birth experience you want or process the one that you didn’t.

You don’t need to trade your usual high expectations for anything less when you are pregnant or giving birth. I can help your needs be heard and your expectations be met.

I value really good information and making it easy for my clients to understand. With a background in frontline healthcare staff education and dog training, I bring a solution-focused approach to childbirth education. I strive to leave you feeling enlightened after working together.
Advocacy Coach
I know the secrets within the healthcare system to you being heard. Together we can navigate the overwhelm and build your own advocacy capacity along the way.
If I can’t help you, I know someone who can. I can respect that I won’t always have the answer you need so I have cultivated a robust referral collective to meet the needs of growing families. We share similar missions and values, so you can know you are in good hands.

Core Values


Radical Empathy: This is a judgement-free space. This is a safe space. You are worthy just as you are. Building an inclusive, kind, compassionate community that literally changes the face of reproductive care is my goal. It will be full of passionate and compassionate people who want to be radical, ethical changemakers.


Storytelling: I know your story could change someone’s world. It has value and power, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Storytelling helps us feel more capable, reduce our fears, and share essential peer support. 

Pregnant lady

Barrier Elimination: I am on a mission to make good care accessible to all. From systemic barriers targeting Black and Indigenous populations to physical access barriers like abortion rights and midwifery funding and policy; there is no topic off the table.

PREVENT it or process it


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