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I help pregnant folks apply strategy to their birth plans to improve communication and outcomes, and avoid birth trauma.

Childbirth education and most approaches to birth planning leave out a key part. How to put it into action in a real-life environment. Whether you are pregnant for the first time, planning a VBAC, or unsure about what options you really have, that’s why The Good Birth Co. exists.

The Birth Toolkit

A resource library curated to guide you through the process of preparing for birth with the goal of preventing birth trauma. This of course, cannot be guaranteed. But you can learn simple, yet effective techniques and approaches that will help you protect the birth space while avoiding birth trauma.

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Who it’s for:

Anyone. People trying to conceive, pregnant folks and their partners, gestational carriers, intended parents, birth doulas, birthworkers, and more!

What’s included:

Video Library:

  • – Choice
  • – Cervical Checks
  • – Epidurals 101


PDF Guides:

Care Expectations

How to Have a C-Section

Birth Strategy Workbook

Plus scripts, checklists, and more!

Birth Experience Consulting

Your labour and birth experience are as unique as you are. 1:1 sessions are focused on creating a clear plan and strategy to ensure your needs are met during birth.

Investment starts at $149

Who it’s for:
First time pregnancies, planning a repeat c-section, thinking about a VBAC, high risk pregnancies, pregnant with multiples

What’s included:
1 session x 45 minutes or 1 session x 90 minutes

Needing a roadmap to navigate pregnancy?

Download your copy of The Pregnancy Atlas and start feeling like you know what you're doing.


Who it’s for:
Pregnant folks, no matter how far along you might be. 

What’s included:
Free PDF download that includes a collection of maps for each part of your pregnancy (beyond first trimester, second trimester, and third trimester). 

Actionable steps to take & perinatal professionals to connect with at specific points in pregnancy. 

Read more kind words from clients

  • Every mom who didn’t experience a seamless, perfect birth experience needs to check out The Good Birth Co. Emily Edwards was my doula for Mateo and helped me navigate having a baby in a pandemic, as well as unravel some of the trauma from my birth experience with the twins. It’s so wonderful having such an unbiased, knowledgeable cheerleader in your corner when you’re going through such a significant change such as bringing life into the world.

    – Ashley E., Birth Experience Consulting Client
  • Pregnant people will benefit from Emily’s years of experience navigating the hospital setting as a nurse. This gives her the ability to challenge policies as she was working with in the system. Her current role supporting birthing people and their families means she can provide accurate information, non-biased information that her clients can make true information choices with. Anytime a medical professional presented a policy that would potentially prevent me from birthing how I wanted to, I brought it to Emily and most times my birth rights trumped the policy.”

    – Ashley M. of Mind Online Therapy
  • Having the opportunity to share my journey, concerns and wishes with Emily and hearing everything she shares has helped empower me to ask more questions and validated my own feelings/intuition. Especially when I felt confused, at risk and not being supported. Having care providers that also support me does make me feel like I’m not fighting alone.

    – Client of The Good Birth Co.

How Does It Work?

1. Book a Time

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