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I'm Emily, a Registered Nurse bringing dignified care to L&D

Emily Edwards RN BScN is the visionary behind The Good Birth Co.; a virtual space offering birth experience consulting,  processing services, and birth trauma prevention training. She helps people create the birth experience they want or process the one that they didn’t. Plus, Emily brings years of healthcare education experience to be able to offer advocacy training for birth professionals and care partners to help prevent birth trauma in the first place. She’s also a wife to a recording artist and Big Mommy to 3 brilliant kids.

Speaker, Educator, and Consultant on birth trauma prevention, dignified care, and person-centered care approaches

You don’t need to trade your usual high expectations for anything less when you are receiving prenatal, birth, or postpartum care. 

Emily is a skilled healthcare professional with the experience to help you identify your needs, have your voice heard and your expectations met.

Emily brings nearly 10 years of nursing experience to the world of birthwork. As an RN working with older adults in specialized dementia care, she gained a unique skillset in developing inter-disciplinary care plans and cultivating collaboration with stakeholders and care partners.   

Combined with her own personal experiences with the healthcare system as a parent and disabled person, she is a champion for you driving your own care.

Core Values


Your story could change someone’s world. It has value and power, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Storytelling helps us feel more capable, reduce our fears, and share essential peer support.

Barrier Elimination

Barriers to accessing safe, dignified care exist for too many people. This company believes in actively dismantling the systems that make safe care inaccessible. 

Radical Empathy

We believe you are worthy just as you are. This is an affirming space. This is a welcoming space. We are building an inclusive, accessible, kind, compassionate community. 


The vibe is professional yet forgiving. You will receive excellent support and high-calibre care. But you won’t be expected to be totally kid-free (and I cannot promise it either).

prenatal education & doula training

Consistent care is a key part of a positive birth experience. With most pregnant folks having hospital births, it’s time to start preparing them for the reality ahead.

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Dignified care needs to be the norm in healthcare. Book Emily Edwards RN BScN to speak or consult.

Keynote Speaker | Topic Expert

Healthcare Consulting | Mentorship

Emily Edwards is a dynamic public speaker. She is an engaging virtual conference speaker. She enjoys traveling for in-person conferences and events. Do you have a podcast? Emily is a topic expert on birth trauma, dignified care, and being an industry and social media disruptor.

Have an idea? Book a call to share it – changing the culture of care is a collective effort and Emily loves building real connection.


Emily offers speciality healthcare consulting for labour and delivery units, nursing education programs, midwifery practices and student midwife programs. Advance skill training for doula training programs, doula agencies, and birthworker collectives plus independent care partners are group training programs Emily teaches twice per year.

Looking for professional mentorship as a new nurse entrepreneur, birthworker, or healthcare professional looking to expand your dignified care skillset? Emily offers 1:1 mentorship to a small number of people looking for guidance in doing it differently.

How Can I help you?

Pregnant Folks

Let me help you navigate the ups and downs of preparing for the birth experience you want. I’ve got a strategy to make it possible.

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Looking for a (healthcare) industry disruptor to inspire change within your organization? Guest expert needed on the topic of birth trauma?

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Post Partum Folks

Have a WTF birth story? The signature Unbury Your Birth process gives you the tools to redefine your birth story. This isn’t therapy.

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