Men. Old, white men if we want to be more specific. The Knights of Columbus if we want to name names. 

In. My. Fucking. Body. 
If you could get your fragile sense of masculinity out of my uterus, that’d be super. 

You’re not really my type anyways. 

This image were shared by the Knights of Columbus Belleville – Council #1008 Facebook page. Here stand leaders in my local community. Who believe that a woman does not have ownership over her own body. A public monument, built and erected here in the Friendly City and beautiful Bay of Quinte. That’s really fucked up.

Abortion rights are human rights. And these men are proudly basking in the light of the anti-choice movement and their divisive propaganda. And snatching a tagline from another marginalized community trying to save their rights. Bravo. Unborn lives matter? Really? You couldn’t have come up with anything else? Alas, should I have expected anything more?

But guess what? 

I’m not sure how to rally my community to have this “monument” taken down yet. But I can do something else in the meantime. 

I want to personally and publicly acknowledge the babies who were loved but couldn’t be kept. I see you, too, the person who most likely still carries that little soul in your heart. Whatever that day is for you, remember this post. Copy the link and add it to your calendar now. 

I had a wonderful conversation with an old work colleague who shared very candidly about her abortion experience. 

I believe the moment we conceive we are given a very special thing. There is another soul inside of you. I think most people who have been pregnant can identify with the feeling of that other soul being present. Even early on. 

But that does not mean it is your role, duty, or moral obligation to carry that soul to full term and create a living, breathing human being. It is your job to do what is best for both of you. As a parent that is always your job. To do what you can within your power to do your best for them. And legally you can chose to end the pregnancy if you feel like that is what is best. Period. In Canada, thanks to the Morgantaler Decision of 1988, a fetus does not have rights. Essentially that means abortion is legal at any point in pregnancy. Yes – even past 12 or 16 weeks. But that is another post.

I see you. The courage dripping from your breasts that don’t know you chose to end your pregnancy. The bravery of understanding the forever-ness of your decision. I see the love you have but I don’t see much regret. Your baby was loved. And I’m honouring them today. They’re remembered. Not as victims but as however you want them to be remembered. I’m not here to write your story. But whatever it is, just know that your sacrifice didn’t go unnoticed. 

You are not selfish. You are not reckless. You are not a monster. You are not a murderer. You are a human being with the right to make a choice for yourself. 

You are a fucking hero. Never forget that.